Among all designer dogs, the Goldendoodle is one of the friendliest and most energetic you’ll encounter. The breed fits right into the family and is the perfect companion for adults and children alike. You’re bound to enjoy the intelligence and the winning personality of the doodle. In fact, you may love these traits so much that you think of your four-legged friend as more than a canine. Plenty of Goldendoodle owners do — which is why it’s a shock when you notice one day that your furry family member is smelling like (gasp!) a dog! What could the odor be coming from? There are a few possibilities, and we’re going to take a look at them in this blog post.

The most common cause is actually a form of operator error, as described in the following post:

So, what is it about the Goldendoodle’s coat that makes it stink? Getting to the source of the stink can be challenging indeed. There are a number of reasons why your Goldendoodle’s aroma is far less than satisfying to your senses. If you are bathing your dog yourself, it may be your technique that is to blame. The Goldendoodle’s inherited Poodle-like coat makes it more prone to attracting and holding debris and odors. The coat type desirable for its reduced shedding and dander emitting qualities is the same coat that traps and holds unpleasant smells. A downside, for sure. Read more at Wag!…

As you see, the first thing to check when your dood smells is their coat. Perhaps changing the way you bathe your Goldendoodle could eliminate the problem. Be sure to use a good shampoo and be thorough when massaging it through the fur and into the skin. Finally, rinse off the shampoo completely, being careful not to leave any traces of it behind.

Another factor that can cause your doodle to emit an unpleasant odor is bad breath. The following post explains how to deal with this problem:

How To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath

Snuggling up with your dog is the best ending to any day. But when he turns to give you a big slobbery kiss, and his breath hits you in the face like a skunk — yuck! Why does your dog’s breath stink so bad? What did he eat? We’re going to give you the low down on what causes bad breath for dogs and how you can sweeten the smell. Read more at Canine Journal…

You should be able to go back to enjoying those doggie kisses once you’ve taken care of your doodle’s breath. But what if the smell persists? You’ll need to check an often overlooked part of your doodle…its ears.

Goldendoodles101 goldendoodle odor

Many dog owners don’t even realize that ear infections often produce unpleasant odors, but they absolutely can and do. Here’s how you can deal with it:

Tell-tale signs include your dog shaking his head, scratching or rubbing his ears a lot, or an unpleasant smell coming from the ears….

If you look inside the ears, you may notice a reddy brown or yellow discharge, it may also be red and inflamed with a lot of wax. Sometimes a dog may appear depressed or irritable: ear infections are painful. In chronic cases, the inside of his ears may become crusty or thickened.  Read more at Dog Grooming Tutorial…

This post should come in handy when you need to identify and treat the cause of your Goldendoodle’s maloderous smell. However, if you can’t determine the cause of the problem or your home treatments aren’t working, a trip to the vet should be your next step. In the end, you want your precious doodlebug to smell — and definitely feel — as good as it looks.