Your Goldendoodle requires proper hygiene care to maintain good health. This means you need to take a nose to toes approach to cleanliness since any part of the body that is neglected can eventually pose a health risk. Fortunately, there are lots of products today that you can use to enhance your Goldendoodle’s health, and we’re going to explore some of them in this post. Let’s start at the top.

If you’re like many dog owners, you might forget to clean your doodle’s ears — even though it’s actually is something you should focus on. The following post explains more:

Ask The Experts: Why and How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Is your dog constantly scratching the side of his head? Do you ever notice an odor coming from your pup’s ears? Are they filled with unwanted wax? If so, you need to read this! I recently interviewed Shayla McConnell–the owner of, a well-respected groomer, and former vet assistant–about caring for our dog’s ears. Read on to find out how often doggy ears need to be cleaned, how to properly clean them, and an often overlooked cause of infection!

Q: Do all breeds need their ears cleaned?

A: All dogs should have their ears inspected regularly for signs of wax buildup or infections, but some breeds are more susceptible than others. Read more at Proud Dog Mom…

Ear infections can be a challenge to deal with. Avoid them by following the guidelines above to keep your Goldendoodle’s ears clean and healthy.

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Another part to include in your Goldendoodle’s cleaning regimen is the paws. These important parts need specialized care, as described in the post below:

How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean and Healthy

When we think about paw care, we usually think about the nails. But paw care is so much more than trimming your dog’s nails. Wiping the paws off after walking your dog outside is a must-do. Paws soak up all types of not-so-good things and bring them into your house. What’s worse is dogs lick their paws and ingest things that can either be toxic or cause an allergic reaction.

National Certified Master Groomer Carolyn Contois has a doctoral degree as an animal naturopath and is an ASAN certified specialist who does wellness consulting in Long Island, New York. She gave us some paw care tips, including that wiping your dog’s paws “will give you a chance to inspect the pads for cuts, sores, and debris.” Read more at Dogster…

Cleaning your Goldendoodle’s paws will not only remove dirt, it will also ensure that you detect any issues early so you can give them the attention they need.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Finally, your Goldendoodle’s dental care can be addressed by using specialized products designed to clean their teeth. Here’s what you need to know:

Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean Is More Important Than You Think

For a long time, to be completely honest, I really didn’t think a lot about my dog’s teeth. But as I have learned recently, it’s pretty important to think about them!

Toothfilm sent us their T-PET Dental Care Gel For Dogs. This is the neatest stuff. It’s super easy to use and is approved by Vets. It is a dog toothpaste you rub on their teeth daily and they like the taste of, is safe for them and reduces plaque, tartar and helps keep their breath fresh.

Now I do need to say right away, when we got this product to test it was intended to be used on our Newfoundland. Unfortunately, he passed away part way through testing the product. He did not pass away from using the product. He had a heart condition. So we started using the product on our little Chorkie instead. Read more at The Ministers Wife…

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

A squeaky clean Goldendoodle equals a healthy and happy dog. By routinely applying the hygiene tips found in this post, you will improve your doodlebug’s overall health and increase their quality of life substantially.