For many prospective owners, the process of looking for the perfect dog produces a lot of excitement. Some have wanted a dog all their lives, and are finally getting the chance to realize this dream. Unfortunately, too many future dog owners are equipped with little more than excitement when it comes to preparation. Owning a dog is an investment that goes beyond finding the right pup. In addition to the significant time commitment, there are financial obligations that will continue for years.

To get you prepared for ownership, let’s look at the financial obligations associated with a new dog. The following post offers a good overview of some of the costs:

Every Dollar I Spent On My Dog In 12 Years

My need to own a dog came over me like a fever. I imagine it’s what some people feel when they really, really want a baby. (Funny enough, I didn’t experience this when I actually did decide to have a kid.) I spent hours every day researching breeds, sifting through pet adoption sites, watching dog shows, staring longingly at every canine I passed in the street.

I knew I wanted a rescue pup, and I knew it had to be a good “apartment” size, but beyond that, I wasn’t too picky, as long as I got me that unconditional doggy love. Read more at Refinery 29…

The mandatory vet costs and frequently overlooked costs associated with travel are things you should include in your budget as you prepare for your Goldendoodle.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Another thing that many dog owners discover is that dog ownership isn’t created equal when it comes to different breeds. Some dogs are definitely more expensive than others — in terms of both initial purchase and lifetime care costs. The following post details the most costly dog breeds:

The lifetime cost of owning a dog is $23K, but these breeds are more expensive

WARNING: Do not read this article if you want your dreams of owning a French Bulldog to be SHOT DOWN. Just so happens that was my life goal and in writing this article it has now been crushed. I’m pinning all my hopes of owning Frenchie named Biscuit on winning the lottery, so wish me luck.

Rant over.

The devils over at calculated the lifetime cost of owning one of the of the 18 most expensive dog breeds in the world (this includes the initial cost of buying them), here are the Top 5:

French Bulldog – $31,258 (Small Dog, Avg. Purchase Cost: $6,878)

English Bulldog – $28,028 (Medium Dog, Avg. Purchase Cost: $6,878) Read more at Seattle Refined…

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Maintaining your financial commitment to your dog’s care is one of the key elements of responsible dog ownership. However, there are several more important aspects of being a good doggie daddy or doggie mama that you need to be aware of. The following post takes a closer look at the requirements:

Responsible Dog Ownership

We took an informal poll on the forum and asked owners what they felt was involved in responsible ownership.  It was interesting to note that the vast majority of suggestions were for decisions that should be made before the pup even comes home. Responsible dog ownership begins before the pup arrives, and is a lifetime commitment. We hope that this page provides you insight and acts as a guide to the responsibilities of doodle ownership. Read more at…

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

It’s clear that adding a Goldendoodle or any dog to your family is not a decision to make on a whim. It must be carefully thought out and planned. Failure to do so may lead you to surrender your dog to an animal shelter and that’s an outcome that no one wants. Thoroughly plan for your financial and lifestyle obligations before acquiring a dog so you can enjoy being with your new best friend for years to come.