America’s current first dog is a Goldendoodle. (And the Obamas very nearly made a Goldendoodle their White House canine companion as well.) It only seems fitting since these dogs are everywhere these days. If you haven’t had any personal experiences with Goldendoodles, you may be wondering why this hybrid dog has grown so popular and become so beloved by dog owners. What are the notable traits that make Goldendoodles stand out from the rest? How do they compare to other closely related breeds and hybrids?

To answer these questions, let’s first look at the characteristics that make the Goldendoodle special. The following post details the attributes of the standard Goldendoodle:

What Is a Standard Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are one of the most popular types of dogs around, and for a good reason. Doodles are smart, loving, energetic, and super cute.

Goldendoodles aren’t just a passing fad — they combine two of the most popular breeds around to form one Super Dog. We love Goldendoodles, and we think you will too.

Goldendoodles — a new standard in puppy awesomeness

Goldie Poos, Groodles, Golden Poos…whatever you call them, Goldendoodle parent breeds were selected for the ultimate combination of coat characteristics, personality traits, size, and intelligence.

As you could probably guess, standard Goldendoodles are created by crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle — a standard-sized Poodle, in this case. That winning combination was an effort by Golden Retriever breeders to give their dogs a hypoallergenic coat (Golden Retrievers are notorious shedders). Read more at Uptown Puppies…

If you are looking for a dog that has minimal shedding, is sociable and intelligent, then you should definitely consider the Goldendoodle. This is a loveable dog, whichever way you look at it.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Interestingly, there are some slight differences between Goldendoodles, depending on their parent breeds. English Goldendoodles present slight differences, as you’ll learn in the following post:

Goldendoodles Vs. English Goldendoodles

English goldendoodles have a lighter coat, are more laid back, and have a stockier build. The retriever part of the English goldendoodle is an English golden retriever, which originates from Europe. English golden retrievers are stockier and more laid-back, and have a lighter coat as opposed to their North American counterpart- the golden retrievers that are typically darker in color and more slender, and have a more active personality….

Many breeders in the United States use field retrievers to produce their goldendoodles. These retrievers are bred for field work and tend to be very lanky and hyper, and as a result, they tend to produce hyper, lanky goldendoodles. Read more at Swissridge…

Goldendoodles bred in America are typically more active and people-focused than their English counterparts. For this reason you may want to determine where the parents of the Goldendoodle puppy you’re adding to your family hail from.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Another breed that many people confuse with the Goldendoodle is the Labradoodle. How can you tell the two apart? The following post gives you the distinction:

Comparison of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles

Many people think that Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are the same dog breed. Although very similar, they are in fact not quite the same.

This article will look at the key differences between Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, with the goal of helping you choose which dog breed is the best choice for you and your family.

General Differences

The first difference between Labradoodles and Goldendoodles is found right in their name. Although it might seem obvious, many people are surprised to learn that these two loveable dog breeds have different parent breeds. While a Labradoodle is a Poodle and Labrador mix, a Goldendoodle is a Poodle and Golden Retriever mix. So, contrary to popular belief, the name “Goldendoodle” comes from the Golden Retriever, not the color of their fur. Read more at Everything Doodle…

Although these two hybrids are closely related, some of their traits, such as personality and temperament, are unique. As you carry out more research, you should be able to decide which of the two would be perfect for you and your family. Also, be ready to ensure your goldendoodle gets a lot of exercise, since they have a lot of energy.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

At Goldendoodles 101, we always encourage our readers to take time with their search for the ideal canine companion. It is critical to find the pup that will match your lifestyle in terms of size, temperament, energy level and more. Once you’ve found your new best friend, get ready for years of joy and laughter that will deeply enrich your life.