Looking for some good snack ideas for your Goldendoodle? It can be a daunting task when there are so many options out there. Making the right choices can be overwhelming, but it’s worth it. After all, you’ve gotten your doodle’s diet down to a science — now it’s time to focus on the snacks. This post will give you some good options to consider.

The one thing that you should always remember is to research about any new foods you want to introduce to your Goldendoodle’s diet. Doing this will prevent any unpleasant reactions — especially allergies and stomach upsets. The following post describes some midnight snack options for your Goldendoodle:

9 Treats And Toys For Dogs Who Can’t Resist A Midnight Snack Attack

Obviously Noodle is Pug, but that has little to do with his deep-seated desire to munch. We can all thank the tastiness of these toys and treats for Noodle’s insatiable appetite.

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  1. Pumpkin Pie Twist Me Treat Can

Delicious pumpkin pie dog treats in a fun and festive tin that your little cookie monster will love.

  1. Lumps of Coal Treats

These Lumps of Coal treats are the only thing you need to stuff in your naughty dog’s stocking. Read more at Barkpost.com…

Now you don’t have to worry about the hunger pangs that come in the wee hours of the night. These treats may be just what your pup needs for a restful night.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

If you would like to try your hand at home-made treats, the following post offers one idea you could try:

Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

Aloha, dog lovers! I’ve got a delicious homemade pumpkin dog treat recipe to share today!

I had a bunch of pumpkin puree left over from the natilla recipe. Most of the human recipes that I make call for a full can of pumpkin, so I knew cooking up something new for Caesar would be perfect!

While brainstorming what flavor I wanted to make for the treats, I had a couple of ideas. The first of which was pumpkin peanut butter, because Caes has loved peanut butter treats. But alas, the girls finished all the peanut butter on the couch with spoons. They take after their father.

As I continued to think, I figured something more seasonal might be fun. When I think Fall, I think pumpkin patches and apple picking, so those are the two flavors I combined! Read more at Munchkins and Military…

There are tons of Goldendoodle snack recipes out there that you can try. The best part about homemade treats is that they are cheaper compared to ready-made snacks.

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

There are however, some snacks or treats that you would best avoid because they can cause serious problems to your Goldendoodle’s health. The following post describes some of them:

9 Surprisingly Dangerous Snacks for Dogs

I’m not gonna lie: sometimes, I feed my dogs people food. A cheesy cracker here, a piece of popcorn there. Certain days, I even let them lick the yogurt cup or peanut butter jar clean. For the most part, if your dog doesn’t suffer from allergies, these occasional bites are harmless. It turns out, however, that certain human snacks are dangerous for dogs.

We all know not to slip our dog a chicken wing (seriously, never slip your dog a chicken wing), but you may be surprised to learn which other popular people-snacks can pose a health hazard to your beloved pet.


Avocados may be a delicious miracle food for humans, but unfortunately, they can be problematic for dogs. That’s mostly due to the potential presence of a toxin called persin, which can cause stomach upset. It’s worse with certain varieties, and most present in the peel. Still, better to be safe than sorry. Read more at Daily Treat…

goldendoodle doodle puppy crossbreed designer dog petite toy miniature medium standard

Now you’re a little more knowledgeable about what to serve and what to avoid. But don’t stop here. You will definitely enjoy exploring the many options out there as you keep your Goldendoodle guessing on what you’ll dish up next.