Another summer has come and gone, and now we’re getting accustomed to the colder weather. You probably already know that your dog’s grooming needs change with each season. The choices are a bit simpler in late fall and winter, when the best option is often to just let your doodle’s coat grow out to keep away the chill. It’s not quite as simple in the heat of summer. Now that you having plenty of time to think about it, consider these tips for keeping your dog comfortable when the hot weather returns:

Should I Give My Dog a Summer Cut? Your Guide to Summer Grooming for Dogs

As summer approaches, concerned pet parents may wonder, “should I give my dog a summer cut to keep them cool?” The answer isn’t a simple yes or no — it depends on the breed, and if they do need a trim, you want to make sure it’s done correctly. Otherwise, you may end up disrupting your dog’s natural cooling system. That’s why a professional groomer is often the way to go (and hey, sometimes they even come to your house!)

Before you call your groomer, here’s what you should know about giving your dog a summer cut. Read more at The Dog People…

Many people are surprised to learn that getting a dog trimmed for summer isn’t the best choice in every case; it seems to make perfect sense. With the help of a good groomer, you will be able to make the right choice for your doodle.

Goldendoodles101 goldendoodle hair care

When the time comes that your doodle will be getting a haircut, why not get a trendy one? There are many doodle haircut styles that can work for your pup or adult dog. The following post discusses a few:

Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts

So which Goldendoodle haircut styles can you explore for this breed? By the way, if you happen to be working as a groomer in a salon, it will be important to know these styles by name as dog owners tend to request a certain style by its popular name.

Names of Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

The Puppy Cut

If you have already looked at this style as a possibility, then you might have come across its alternate name: the Teddy Bear Cut. Read full post at Dog Grooming Courses…

If you are willing to do the grooming yourself, the following video should help you get it right:


On the other hand, if you choose to go for a professional dog groomer, the following post from the experts will give you some much needed insight:

26 Secrets Pet Groomers Wish They Could Tell You

Think all we do is sit around and play with cute puppies? Think again.

Does your dog seem nervous? He’ll calm down

“When the pets arrive, they’re all nervous, but once they’re with me, they do pretty good. They become themselves again. When I take the dogs, they usually start shaking, and the [owners], they get worried about it. But eventually the dogs calm down a lot.” —Kim Crutsinger, owner of Kimberly’s Prancin’ Paws.

Not everyone is cut out to do it

“Throughout my career, I’ve trained a bunch of apprentices to be groomers, and I see as many people wash out as actually go through to be groomers. There’s a lot of hard work involved in it.” —Jamie White, groomer and sitter for Rover… Read more at Reader’s Digest…

It’s so important to choose a good groomer to handle your doodle. You don’t want the experience to be unpleasant for your dog and create a negative association. When you pick the right person, it can actually become something your dog gets excited about. Happy grooming.

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