There are many reasons why Goldendoodles make such wonderful family pets. One key trait is their knack for sensing emotions and acting accordingly. If you’re feeling sad, don’t be surprised to find your Goldendoodle sitting next to you and licking your face or placing his head on your lap to comfort you.

Because Goldendoodles are particularly sensitive to the feelings of their owners, they are also quite emotional themselves and can therefore be vulnerable to stress and other negative emotions. The following post discusses one example:

Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful for Pets

Moving to a new home can be stressful not only for you but also your pets. Change can be hard for animals who are used to their routines and comfortable in their surroundings. Fortunately, some planning and preparation can help make the move easier and less stressful on everybody. Read full post at VetStreet…

goldendoodle moving

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Goldendoodles are highly empathetic, which is why they are commonly called upon to play the role of “comfort dog” in places like funeral homes, offering relief and companionship to those who have lost their loved ones. Sometimes, however, the roles are reversed. Have you thought of what these sensitive creatures go through when they lose a beloved owner or companion? The following post discusses this and how you can provide some comfort for your dog:

Help your dog cope with grief

Like people, dogs grieve when they lose a beloved owner or animal companion.

And just like people, dogs may go through the five stages of grief — denial/isolation, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance.

Just as people don’t experience all five stages or go through them in any special order, neither do our dogs.

Each of us deals with loss differently. So do our dogs. Read full post at Dogs Best Life…


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Another challenge of having an empathetic dog stems from their limited reasoning. Your Goldendoodle knows that you are upset, but she does not know why you are upset. In some instances, your pet may feel that she is the one that has upset you, which can cause her to experience negative emotions and stress.

How Our Emotions Impact Our Pets

Picture this…

I’m completely stressed out.  I had a crappy day, and it feels like all aspects of my life are spinning out of control.  I can’t shake my bad mood, so I start cleaning, something to distract me.  In my cleaning frenzy, I notice Rodrigo sitting with J on the sofa, practically in his lap and looking at me, panting.

My entire mood shifts.  I deflate because I know that Rodrigo is picking up on my negative energy, and it’s causing him stress. Read full post at Keep The Tail Wagging…


While not always possible, Goldendoodle owners may need to keep their feelings in check when they are around their dogs, or at least try to make it perfectly clear it’s not the dogs’ fault when their owners are unhappy. In the end, we need to understand that paying attention to the emotional well-being of our doodle bugs is just as important as taking care of their physical needs.