The rate at which Goldendoodles have grown in popularity in America is quite remarkable. Although there are many designer dogs available today, this combination of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle has emerged at the top, bringing together the best of both worlds. There are many amazing abilities that Goldendoodles possess. This post will explore some of them:

The intelligence of the Goldendoodle is extremely high. For this reason, they can easily be trained to do some very cool things, as the following post describes:

Dapper Goldendoodle Steals Spotlight At Wedding By “Driving” Down Aisle.

Ring bearers play a very important role in wedding ceremonies. They’re responsible for not only carrying the rings down the aisle but looking as cute as possible in the process.

That’s why young children and even beloved pets are always shoe-ins for the job. Who doesn’t smile when they see kids and animals all dolled up for a formal event? One very special ring bearer recently stepped up his game and cruised down the aisle in style, leaving the internet swooning over the hilarious footage. Read more at The Animal Rescue Site…

What a wonderful pup to pull off being the ring bearer at his dads’ wedding.

Goldendoodles 101 amazing stories

Apart from their show-stopper abilities, Goldendoodles can be trained to offer specialized services. These go a long way in relieving people in distress, as the following post describes:

Chandler PD’s first full-time therapy dog is an adorably fluffy Goldendoodle

Meet Annie, an adorable Goldendoodle who just got a job with the Chandler Police Department.

Annie is the first full-time therapy dog for the department, which just announced the creation of its Therapy Canine Program.

The program, according to Chandler PD, will be used to help the well-being of any of the department’s employees subjected to traumatic events as part of their job.

Chandler PD says the program will also be used as a “support system for victims of sexually based offenses.” Read more at 12 News…

The fact that Goldendoodles can be healers and not just companions makes them even more lovable. You can enjoy lots of benefits from a properly-trained doodle.

Goldendoodles 101 amazing stories

Goldendoodles also have an uncanny ability to turn otherwise sane people into adoring fans. Here are some signs of this awesome affliction:

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Goldendoodle Person

#1 Things that are normally for human children are now for your goldendoodles…

#2 …because your goldendoodle is your child.

#3 No matter where you are, no matter what streets you have to cross, if you see a goldendoodle you MUST say hello to him. Check out the full post at The Paws…

Are you a crazy Goldendoodle person? We don’t blame you! How could anyone resist these cuties?

Goldendoodles 101 amazing stories

If you’re a dog lover who’s wondering which breed to add to your family, the decision to get a Goldendoodle pup is one you won’t regret. (Just make sure you work with a reputable breeder!) You will find a new reason to smile every new day. Plus, who knows — your story might be the next one doing the rounds on social media, with an amazing Goldendoodle by your side. Cheers!